Don’t Trust Your Septic Tank Inspection to Anyone But a Professional

septic tank inspection company

Like most other systems within the home, your septic tank will need some upkeep and the attention of a septic tank inspection company throughout the years. 

This upkeep may be as simple as adding a treatment to the tank to encourage the growth of good bacteria. An example of a complex repair is draining the tank to remove accumulated sludge. Whatever the case may be, in order to know exactly what your tank needs, you’ll need to consult with a septic services professional. 

Why us a septic service professional? 

There are many reasons that getting advice and recommendations from septic tank service providers is the best choice. Contacting a septic tank inspection company should be the first course of action for you. This is because in the long run, it can save you a lot of time and effort. 

Reasons to choose a septic tank inspector instead of relying on the Internet or the advice of a friend or family member include: 

  • Septic tank inspection professionals will be well-versed in the rules and regulations of your area. Though it is a simple inspection, knowing the requirements for having a fully functional and compliant septic tank varies depending on where you live. 
  • The inspection of a septic system isn’t difficult, but there are plenty of signs and issues that only an experienced eye is likely to notice.
  • Not only will professionals be able to provide full septic inspection services, they also will typically have direct access to products that you may need. Treatments, replacement parts, upgrades and even special tools will likely be on hand. This means that when something needs to be fixed, there is less of a wait. 
  • The repairs, services and even recommendations will be listed on a septic tank inspection report provided to you. These details are crucial. They tell homeowners exactly what the state of their septic system is, as well as what could need to be done in the future. 


Simply put, the information and expertise from a professional doing the full septic inspection is well worth the septic tank inspection cost. 

septic tank inspection - setup

When do I need to have a septic tank inspection? 

A septic system works for many years at a time because the components are made to last. When installed and maintained, it becomes an integral part of the household. Since the majority of the system is underground and inaccessible without digging, so maintaining the septic system keeps small issues from growing larger.

There are two very specific times to have a full septic tank inspection.

  • Before purchasing a home
  • Before selling a home


Even though it seems a little redundant to have two inspections done, they’re totally different services. A home inspector does not have the training to perform a full septic inspection. They will only perform a visual inspection of the house, roof and structures on the property like fences. They may do things like run showers and sinks or flush toilets, but that’s the extent of it. 

A septic tank inspection will not only allow a professional to look at the individual aspects of a septic system. It will also let you – as a potential buyer – know what you should expect from the system. Do this before making a final offer or decision to buy. The septic tank inspection report is one of the most important pieces of paper that you can present to the old owners. Not only that, it will give you peace of mind about your new home. 

Before selling your home, it’s a good idea to have an inspection done. This helps to ensure that when you list the house, you won’t be blindsided by the need to get things fixed. It also means you won’t have to lower the sale price because of septic repairs. 

What will a septic tank inspection company tell you about your system? 

septic tank inspection company - septic tank inspection report

The reports will be slightly different depending on the company that you choose to perform the service. However, the type of information that you receive is the same. 

Common sections on a septic tank inspection report are: 

  • Information about the company performing the service
  • History of the home (age, address, property size)
  • Septic system history information (taken from prior inspection reports or repair records, installation date)
  • Information about system (tank size, location, drain field setup, location of access points)


This information is a comprehensive record of the status of a system at the current time. Knowing what happened before can help to determine what needs to happen now, so the more information these professionals have, the better. It’s not always possible to know the full history of a septic system, but anything helps. 

This information will help you to determine what (if anything) you need to do next. 

Repairs, replacement, pumping … they’re all options, but you won’t know what you need to do without key information like what is listed on the form. In addition to providing you with the necessary information, a septic tank inspection company can give you professional advice. They make recommendations about what steps to take – and when. 

Letting a septic tank and system go without maintenance and upkeep (even using a simple treatment like Fresh Lemon Blue can make a big difference in overall health) can result in many problems for homeowners. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment for a septic tank inspection at regular intervals by visiting a site like They are typically only needed every few years, but putting them off is not recommended.