How septic tank lids and covers are saving you money.

A septic tank system can be one of the most expensive mechanical features of a property. It is also one of the least thought about or understood. It’s buried outside and it can be easy to simply flush and forget it’s even there, but this mindset can be costly, as a little maintenance and monitoring can go a long way in preventing costly repair bills. Septic tank risers and lids are a great and cost effective way to simplify future maintenance and monitoring.

What are septic tank risers and lids?

While your septic tank lies beneath the ground, septic tank risers create a large diameter “well” to safely allow an access point to the septic tank at ground level. The lid attaches to the top of the riser to enclose the system in an air and water tight fashion. This prevents surface water or debris such as grass clippings, mulch or dirt from entering the tank. It also prevents gases and odors from escaping the septic system.

There are several benefits to septic tank risers and lids

First and foremost, a visible septic tank lid on the property is a friendly reminder of the existence of a septic system. Although old style concrete covers were thought to be heavy and unsightly, modern plastic lids are lightweight and designed to blend into the landscape. These light weight models allow for an easy/cost effective installation, monitoring and servicing of your septic system.

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Cost savings

By creating an access point at ground level it is easy for service professionals to locate the septic system for routine maintenance, repairs or to pump out the septic tank. Expensive “digging fees” and labor costs are avoided and it allows for year round access for pumping out as there is no need to wait for the ground to thaw.

Lids are attached to the riser and secured with stainless steel threaded fasteners to prevent tampering by children and potential falls into the septic tank. Safety screens are also available for purchase in order to prevent potential falling during routine maintenance inspections.

Considering most folks like to keep a manicured landscape with the least amount of effort, heavy duty riser and lid systems installed at ground level are strong enough to be mowed right over. So there is no need to take the added time and energy to trim around them.

In today’s wastewater management systems, risers and lids are gaining importance by providing additional levels of ease, aesthetic and safety.

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