Maintaining and Servicing Your Aerobic Treatment Unit

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Aerobic treatment systems need consistent maintenance and care. Residential aerobic treatment systems are a small-scale sewage treatment system that uses air infiltration and natural bacteria to turn household sewage into groundwater that can be disposed of openly in the environment. On average, homeowners need to service their system two times a year. Servicing the motor in your septic system is just as important as servicing your car. The motor will last longer without expensive repairs. To make sure your system is working most efficiently, consider these tips:

  1. Keep Trees Away from System: You might have one beautiful tree by your septic system, but under the ground that tree has hundreds of root tentacles. Trees need lots of water, and often those tree roots will work their way through concrete or plastic septic tanks because there is an endless amount of water in the system. If these tree roots are not minimized or eradicated by a service provider, they can clog and destroy concrete tanks and motors.
  2. Avoid Constructing Patios or Decks Over System: Often times your septic system is located in the back of your house next to areas you may want to finish as a deck or patio. It is important avoid any type of construction around these systems. For example, if a deck is built over the aerobic treatment unit, it will be nearly impossible for service providers and septic pumpers to maintain the system.
  3. Divert Roof Drains and Surface Water Away From Your System: Your aerobic treatment unit is only designed to handle a specific amount of water and waste coming from your house. If the system is located next to an area with excessive surface or drainage water, it could overflow. This extra water will flood the motor inside your system which could lead to expensive repairs.
  4. Reduce Heavy Water Usage Periods in the Home: Avoid doing the dishes, laundry and taking a shower at the same time. Even though it might be convenient to get multiple household chores done at once, it is possible that your septic system will not be able to handle the overflow of water coming from your house. The septic system will not have time to adequately treat all of the waste, so untreated water could leak into the environment.

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