Are You Killing Your Septic System?

Cement septic tank for waste water under construction.

While you don’t stay up nights worrying about the health of your septic system, this might make you think more about its well-being. Today’s health conscious society is very fond of anti-bacterial products, like hand sanitizers, wipes and cleaning products. It may be that in an effort to be “super clean” and protective of your family’s health by using these products, you might be compromising your family’s health in another way – by damaging your onsite sewage treatment system.

How does my septic system remove waste?

Your septic system removes waste through two types of bacterial activity – anaerobic digestion (does not need oxygen) and aerobic digestion (needs oxygen). Anaerobic bacteria decompose organic materials inside the septic tank.  Aerobic bacteria destroy disease-causing pathogens and finish the breakdown of waste products. 1

Using antibacterial, disinfectant, or sanitizing products in the home will destroy both good and bad bacteria. Normal use, carefully following the product directions, should pose no problem for an already healthy septic system.  However, excessive use of these products can cause significant and even complete destruction of the bacteria population.

That means that your system will need to be pumped out more frequently to remove the undigested waste. It could mean that the effluent going back into the environment is still contaminated.  That can lead to contamination of the ground water in your neighborhood, potentially affecting your or your neighbors’ wells!

How can I restore and maintain the bacteria population in my septic system?

We’re proud to offer an alternative to the expensive, flushable septic treatment you may have used in the past. Our monthly treatment packets can be poured into your toilet or down any drain.  By using the product in a different location in your home each month, you introduce millions of beneficial bacteria are released into the septic tank, restoring the healthy activity levels.  Another benefit of our septic additive is that it will freshen your drains and help keep them flowing smoothly.  For pennies a day, you can keep your septic system healthy and your drains fresh.

Call ASI today to place your order. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover.  Mention this article and receive free shipping!


1 “Antibacterial Products in Septic Systems” by Kitt Farrell-Poe; The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.

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